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twisted desert tree
Cottonwood , Black Mesa - Kayenta, AZ.
Welcome guys.
I will be developing this page
as discussions or interest in
one subject or another comes up
in our classes.

Below are links to various
sites that some have expressed
an interest in.

Thank you for your interest
& for being a part of these classes

Turning stumps etc

What does a negative rake scraper look like?

More on "negative rake scrapers"

Tracy's turning article with pictures

Using a small spindle gouge as a bowl gouge

Spindle Turning With A Duplicator Lathe

A Possible Long Range Project
Talking to Paul before class this past Wednesday, it occured to me later that harvesting,
milling & drying the lumber in this old walnut tree (see tree at link)
could be a class. Then after a year of curing, the same group could
build selected projects from the lumber.

A Band Saw Mill

A Bigger Band Saw Mill