A Chance Meeting
. . . My Good Fortune . . .

Basil and Ralph met in 1932 at the CCC Job Corp dam project along the North Fork of the New River near Creston, NC.

Some months before, Ralph had boarded a train in Jefferson for Cinncinati, OH. He left Horse Creek for work in the city, as an older brother had done. But, with the Depression looming, there was no work.

He got a job as a laborer on the North Fork Dam Project where Basil, who had graduated from 'State College' in Raleigh, was a engineer.They struck up a fast friendship, and when the dam project was concluded, Felix Barr brought Ralph into the shop to learn the trade.

Basil joined the Army and Ralph never returned to Cinncinati.
        North Fork Dam - Creston, NC North Fork Dam - Creston, NC

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