Green Eyes

      In the summer of 2007 my work was accepted into the Fine Furnishings Show in Providence, RI. Buzzing & milling about in my head was the question; 'Did I have time to design, build & finish a new piece?', as well as make all the other preparations for this long trip in October?

      It was while working these many puzzles pieces, that the notion to revisit the design of Green Eyes (titled custom bookcase - 2003) occurred to me. Though I was tempted to explore my theory about what was wrong with the 2003 case, once I saw the case before you in my mind's eye, during an afternoon walk, there was no turning back.

      This curio cabinet, with its tapered rails & beveled glass making up the end panels, as well as the doors, moves much closer to the light touch I feel this concept needs. Closer than the 1st Green Eyes could - even with any proportional corrections I thought might help that bookcase.

      Unlike the 2003 edition, this version has fixed shelves, locking doors & 3 halogen lights, mounted into the inner top panels. Also, the distance between the shelves is graduated bottom to top, matching the end panel & door rails.

      Some have said they feel her watching as they walk by. Perhaps I managed to strike that old line, held fast by the memory of a sharp cold light, black dust & green eyes.
          greens eyes 2007 Height - 84"    Width - 52"    Depth - 20"
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Higher Resolution Gallery - Photography by John Payne, Morganton, NC - 2014