Green Eyes

      This bookcase, a custom order, is made of cherry and is a first attempt at 'biting cold crisp'.

      The wavy, old glass used came into the picture after the project began, cornering me into certain dimensions - and in my eye - foiling the balance and crispness I remember striking through the wood.

      Some folks see what I see, while others disagree that the overall proportion is compromised by too much wood.

      My view is, that by reducing several key dimensions, the resulting smaller case would give the wood a lighter presence; & my sense of proportion could relax at the sight of the piece, as opposed seeing it & wanting to start over.

      Thankfully, the customer was delighted. 4 years later, however, I revisited the the story with a fresh vision, building the 2nd version of Green Eyes in 2007. My wife still likes this bookcase better.

      Because the 2nd version's design was a considerable departure from the first, perhaps one day I will redo the 1st version with the light touch I insist will improve it.

I think I am right.
          greens eyes 2003 Height - 72"    Width - 42"    Depth - 13"
$6400.00 (sold)
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