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Back Roads to Meliora
Desert Mesa

Children teach - they teach really well if I'm paying attention.
What they teach can be immeasurable, but often we learn nothing.   These two stories
give an accounting of somethings I have managed to gleen from my children Anne & John Taylor

Back Roads is the tale of a moment with Anne - one brief moment - when a vast expanse of time was compressed
into it, revealing layer upon layer of connectivity - of serendipitous syncronicity.

Desert Mesa is about a trip my son John Taylor had to talk me into.   He wanted a road trip out west as a
high school graduation present.   He really wanted me to come along - I on the other hand,
didn't take much interest in the idea, but as he insisted, I agreed.
This trip with him is as fresh in my mind today as it was the day I got back.
The desert southwest in the spring stirred up in me a rich prespective.

Geological layers etched & outlined with earthen tones of red to white, glazed over
with bright green grasses - & like sunlight bouncing off ice, the desert flowers sat atop the greenery.
Vast layers - vast time frames - sitting there when 'how I see' shows up to cross their paths.
It changes me forever & without my son John I may well have never seen it.

meliora Back Roads to Meliora Both these stories are sprinkled
with links leading to small eddies
of backstory.   If the finger on
your mouse activates, it is a link
- word or picture -

These eddies are layers of the
story that illuminate more subtle
elements in the tale.   Some of these
links will open in this window,
while others will open in an
adjacent tab.

Any trouble you have navigating,
please contact me & let me know
where you had the difficulty.
I'd be very appreciative.
twisted tree Desert Mesa

Notice the blue outlines around these two pictures.   These blue outlines indicate
that a picture is a link to something.   In this case, the links take you to the beginning of each story.
If you see a picture in the storyline with this blue border, or, again, a word or phrase that activates your mouse's finger,
I am wanting to guide you up some tributary from the main storyline.   If you follow the
link, the navigation links are design to bring you back to the main storyline
at any point along the tributary's trail.

If you find where I have made a mistake, or where the navigation could be improved, please contact me.
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