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lawrenceville school
Lawrenceville School - estbl. 1810

These tables were built for the Lawrenceville School just outside Trenton, New Jersey

The Harkness Table - named after philanthropist Edward Harkness,
who, in 1936 introduced a revolutionary method of instruction
with the Harkness table as its centerpiece.

The Harkness Table has a rich history at Lawrenceville & we here
at Bergelin Custom & Owl in the Poplar are happy to be part of
this long running story.

If you go to the Owl's Facebook page, in the 'photos' is an album
tracing the origins of the lumber used to make these tables.

John Bradley - my apprentice & good friend, from Nebo, NC - is everywhere in here . . .
. . . "doin' it all"

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