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I started working with the

Bergelins in June of 2000

building custom orders &

samples.   When I first went

to meet with Thad & Chris -

seeing the sites & touring the

factory - it came up that,

though it had been a dozen years,

I had a lot of turning experience.

  Robert's Buffet - custom order Robert's Buffet

162 Classic Post under construction 162 Classic Post - under construction   I had not been there longer

than a couple of weeks

before I was standing in

front of a lathe.   Over the

next couple of years, we expanded

what turnings the Bergelin Co.

offered.   One of the early

additions was the

#162 Classic Tall Post.

Choosing what parts of the post are cut 1st, or last, keeps the post balanced while it is turned.

With a little luck it stays 'wiggle free' start to finish.

Another skill I brought

with me was how I cut & fit

a dovetail joint.

During my apprenticeship at

Barr Cabinet Shop in the 1980s,

in addition to learning to turn,

learning to do this was an

absolute requirement.
  #218 blanket chest tray #218 blanket chest tray

#218 Louis Philippe Blanket Chest w/tray #218 Louis Philippe Blanket Chest w/tray   If you are a long time

Bergelin customer,

& have ordered a

blanket chest at one time

or another, I was the one

who built it.

Until the spring of 2004,

I divided my time between

the Bergelin plant & my

own shop in Vale, NC,

building for them &

continuing my own work.
  shop in Vale This old hay barn on my farm was converted to a shop in 1989.

my shop at the Bergelin factory my shop at the Bergelin factory   In June of 2004 the Bergelins

& I agreed to put together

an area for me in the factory.

Here in this dusty spot,

in addition to doing custom work

& turnings for the Bergelins,

I continued pursuing &

building my own designs.

And here I remained until

June of 2009, when the

Robert Bergelin Co. was closed.

In July Chris, Thad & I started

talking about continuing our

work together on a much

smaller scale.

  my shop at the factory - June 2009 my shop at the factory - June 2009

our 'new' shop our 'new' shop - our 2nd order   So, in January of this year

Bergelin Custom was established.

Located where the Chris Bergelin

Design sample shop was some 15

years before, we are now offering

the same quality & attention

to detail customers have come to

expect from the Bergelins & myself

For more on my apprenticeship years, as well as pictures of my own work

- or maybe just another story or two -

please visit the Owl section of this site -
Owl in the Poplar

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